LEPL College “Iberia” is a multi-profile vocational education institution existing in Georgian educational space in Imereti region, whose mission is:

To prepare a highly qualified, competitive, effective employers for Georgian and international labor markets, to promote their individual, personal and professional development. For which the college conducts teaching in vocational education programs according to the requirements of the modern labor market; it promotes the best and highest quality education throughout the whole life. It promotes the professional, cultural, social and economic development of the Imereti region within the framework of social responsibility and by engaging in public activities.


LEPL College “Iberia” is a multi-profile vocational educational institution existing in  Imereti region.

  • It implements vocational education programs in basic, secondary and higher education according to the requirements of the labor market, as well as a variety of vocational training and retraining programs, including through cooperation with government agencies and the private sector;
  • It proactively and effectively develops the quality of educational programs and the qualities of the offered services;
  • It owns and develops modern educational, working and recreational infrastructure in Kutaisi and Baghdati municipalities, which is fully adapted to the needs of persons with disabilities;
  • It is financially sustainable;
  • It attracts, develops and maintains highly qualified human resources;
  • It offers students variety of services, including dormitories;
  • It is involved in international programs.


  1. Focused on a customer – the college focuses on providing high quality educational and student services based on the needs of the labor market, employer and customer.
  2. Quality and Aspiration for Development – The college proactively evaluates the results of its activities, both in teaching and practicing, as well as in the field of administrative management, identifies risks and takes care of their elimination.
  3. Equal Opportunities – The College promotes equal opportunities for for all students, staff and others regardless of the nationality, belief, gender, social status or other constitutional rights.
  4. Mutual Respect and Team Spirit – The College longs for the development of a long-term, harmonious collaboration based on mutual respect for staff, students, alumni and employers.
  5. Transparency and publicity – The college ensures transparency and publicity of processes in all aspects of its activities (teaching, organizational and financial management, communication with stakeholders, etc.