Informational Technology

Program Name: Informational Technology

Program Manager: Goga Shalamberidze

Registration number: 10112-p

Qualifications : Basic Professional Qualification in Information Technologist Supporter

Aim of the program: The aim of the program is to prepare qualified Information Technologist Supporter

The Results of the Teaching:

The Graduate will be able:

  • Assemble a personal computer
  • Install and maintain the operating system
  • Install application software
  • Ensure operating system security
  • Distinguish the fundamental principles and types of networks;
  • Select layers of information exchange models (TCP / IP, OSI) in the network
  • maintain a simple wired and wireless internal network
  • Assess hardware and software risks and problems

The Terms of Enrolment: Basic Education

  1. Basic Academic Skills Test
  2. Test in a foreign language (optional: English, Russian, German, French)

Document required for registration: ID card

Documents required for enrollment:

  1. Application;
  2. Identity document (copy)
  3. The document of the education (original)
  4. 2 pieces of photos 3/4

Learning Range: For Georgian language students: 60 credits

For non-Georgian speaking students: 75 credits.

Duration of the learning process: For Georgian language students: 12 academic months

For non-Georgian speaking students: 15 academic months

The Basic professional qualifications of an information technology supporter is employed as a technical support specialist at any state / municipal organization or in a private company where Information technologies is used.

Every year, during spring and autumn periods, the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia announces the registration period for people who want to enroll in VET programs.

Registration can be done across the information centers, the Ministry of Education resource-centers and vocational training programs at the corresponding vocational education institutions. Those wishing to register must only possess their ID cards. Registration is also possible online, on the web-site- https://vet.emis.ge/#/registration